The Cattery

Accommodation at Cress Green

Each of our 21 chalets is large enough for your cats to have the space they need to relax and exercise in. All chalets enjoy a full height, individually heated and fully insulated, bedroom with raised sleeping area and a cat flap for easy access to a spacious exercise / play area and can accommodate up to 2 cats with the exception of our two larger family chalets where we can accommodate up to 4 cats from the same household.

Cress Green Cattery Chalets

The cattery has been built to the highest standards and is continually maintained to this standard to provide a safe and comfortable environment where your cat can feel safe, relaxed and be well cared for until your return.

Cress Green Cattery Chalets

The comfort and wellbeing of all our guests is our upmost concern while they are staying with us and a regular routine and checks helps keep them safe and happy. However should any cat fall ill while they are with us we have a vet on call 24 hours a day who will come to the cattery to administer any treatment necessary.

Cress Green Cattery Chalets

Care and Attention


All our guests are fed on well known and trusted brands of both wet and dry foods that cater for a variety of nutritional needs. However should you wish your cat to have a specific food or they have a veterinary prescribed diet you are welcome to bring this in and we will make sure they receive their regular food at meal times.


If your cat is on prescribed medication and requires this whilst they are with us then please ensure that you supply enough for the whole stay. We are happy to accept cats with medical needs and do not charge for administering tablets or injections, however should your pet become ill whilst in our care we do have a vet on 24 hour call and veterinary attention will be sought without delay.